Born in Sicily in 1990, Andrea Damante approached music at the age of 11 by starting studying and playng guitar.
In eighth grade he was DJing at all his peers’ parties and so he carried on with his passion until the first university parties.
Thanks to its crazy energy in front of the public his name began to spread from private parties to the locals hotspot clubs of his city, Verona.
As well as his Dj career, he began working on his first musical productions, which made him achieve in just a few years the disclosure of his first golden record with the track “Follow My Pamp” with over 40million streams know at national and European level.
In the following years, his tours spread across Europe ,with a tour of over 100 shows in a year sold out and more of 500 show since 2017 , with a call on a stage of Tomorrowland 2020 with smash the house and future house music as the latest releases. In 2021, his restart year, Andrea redesigns in his home studio a new style of his songs calling it a bridge between EDM and tech house. Finally in 2022 for his last release “SCARS” signs with the first major Spinnin Records,soon another release in collaboration with Firebeatz by spinnin , definitively aiming at an international audience.